“Don’t waste your time with the teepee teller,” she advised. “She isn’t even a native american, and,
her daughter-in-law does most of her readings out here. Imagine, even if she were psychic, that her
son would marry a woman with psychic talent, too. Not likely.” Then she reached out with a card in
her hand “Call the Mystic of Cave Creek. She is a medium who channels messages from people
close to you who are dead.”

We walked out into the sunshine, and I called. Now here we are, meeting at my home. Settling
ourselves at the farmhouse table, Barbara assembled a notepad and pens then readied her tape
recorder, setting an extra cassette aside in case it would be needed.  She announced that she
would begin with prayer. A Jew who loves Jesus, she lowered her eyes and began to pray.  Next,
fingers clutching a pen, her hands began to swirl around the paper. The scribble was legible to
Barbara, an occasional letter distinguishable for me.

“My darling girl” she said. Then went on to describe messages from my grandfather who had passed
decades ago. He adored my mom. She was child number nine of ten. The only one with brown eyes.
His eyes were brown. She was his special girl. In a message via Barbara, he teased mom about
divorcing my dad, “you were swept off your feet by his good looks.” And mom admitted that was true.
Also present was number five. Mom’s sister Alice was making herself known. She had passed of a
brain aneurism after a life of love and loss.

So it was that the Mystic of Cave Creek spent a morning at my table, sipping tea and chatting about
life, connecting us with those we love and lost, who love us and linger with us still. Often she was
reminded of a personal story. With a ‘click’ the recorder was off, and her tale was on. After the
reading, the tape was ejected for my mother, the recorder was wrapped up and tucked inside her
tote, the story telling continued.

Barbara Freidkin had been an actress and screenwriter in Hollywood. Her work includes having
been a comedienne for Bette Midler, entertaining at private parties. She was the warmup act for
shows, including the Valerie Show with Valerie Harper. In these roles, she found glimpses into her
talents. For instance, while moving from table to table among audience members, she tossed out
teasing remarks to guests. Later, one guest -- a psychologist--approached her and informed that
she had "read" each person in a way that was oddly spot on.

She loves music and sings with a rich voice. Her vocal talents led her to befriend icons such as Dolly
Parton on the set of Beverly Hillbillies. Additionally, Barbara co-wrote the musical Breakfast in Marin
which we hope returns to the stage.

While visiting Cave Creek, she ran into a character in a Rock Shop who told her she would be the
Mystic of Cave Creek. This was a premonition of things to come. After the Los Angeles earthquakes,
Barbara move to the stable soils in Arizona to enjoy living on the primordial rock. She continued her
work as an acting coach and began doing readings in the community, thus coming to be the Mystic
of Cave Creek. News of her talent spread and now she does readings for people worldwide. Barbara
Friedkin, the Mystic of Cave Creek, is featured in Sherry Ward's book, "SEEKERS OF THE SOUL":
"After interviewing numerous psychics, Ward chose the most principled, unique and skillful among
them for "Seekers of the Soul." And Barbara has appeared on various radio broadcasts.

Barbara begins every reading with a prayer. She aligns with Jesus and God in her efforts to share
her God-given talent. Time spent with The Mystic of Cave Creek is indeed enriching. In one reading,
Barbara comforted a client who heard from a dear friend who had died in Italy a decade earlier. He
assured her that he did not commit suicide as was erroneously reported. In a good place, he stays
close and gives signs to help guide his friend.  Barbara delivered the news to an astonished,
thankful woman. Another woman was given the chance to hear "I love you" one last time from a
former lover who had passed before they got a chance to re-unite after twelve years apart. There
are so many heart warming revelations in Barbara's readings.

Find her website TheMysticofCaveCreek.com for more information and a host of testimonials. Follow
her on Twitter.com/MysticCaveCreek and Like her on Facebook.com/MysticCaveCreek. Or just call
and set up time with her. She reads across the Valley in person, actually across the world by phone.

Barbara is a consummate entertainer and storyteller, a gifted psychic medium, sincerely spiritual,
and a tender, warm-hearted person. With her background as a comedienne and now as a medium,
she reads with great humor, making it a joyful experience. Her uncanny ability to hold an audience
gently but firmly, while she reveals things she simply couldn’t know, makes for a truly memorable and
thoroughly enjoyable occasion.

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The Mystic Of Cave Creek
Psychic Medium
Serving Cave Creek, Carefree, North Scottsdale, North Phoenix, Rio Verde, Anthem, The Boulders, Desert Mountain, Legend Trail, Pinnacle Peak, Terravita,
                                                                           Tramonto, Troon, Tatum Ranch and Winfield.
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Friedkin’s psychic abilities are truly uncanny
Has earned the title “Mystic of Cave Creek”
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CAVE CREEK – “Mystic of Cave Creek” Barbara Friedkin has been dazzling people with
her psychic abilities for over 15 years. She will do so again at the Desert Foothills Library
at 2 p.m. on Saturday, March 8.

She is incredibly accurate in connecting people with loved ones on the other side though
the use of meditation, prayer and automatic writing. The messages she brings through
offer hope, love, and closure for those left behind. Many people also receive information
about the future and unresolved issues.

“She has quite a following around here,” said library executive director Kris Proskus about
the huge crowds that turn out for Friedkin’s library events. “People love it because they
are very concerned about getting connected with their loved ones.”

Shannon R., of Cave Creek, was very appreciative of her reading with Friedkin because it
gave her peace about the passing of her daughter.

“Her kindness and generosity helped to show me the kindness in people,” she said about
her experience with the “Mystic of Cave Creek.”

Friedkin’s insights into this world and others are incredibly accurate and specific and often
come true.

As a child, her mother called her Chicken Little because of her ability to see things
coming. While growing up she would startle her friends and family by predicting events
like the shooting of John Lennon and the explosion of the Challenger space shuttle.
In the early 1990s, she began to get “ridiculously profound” with her predictions and
premonitions. In 1994 she predicted the Northridge Earthquake in Southern California
days before it happened. She also predicted the Whittier Earthquake that happened
years earlier.

“I started to practice on friends and I was incredibly accurate,” she said about maturing as
a psychic medium.

She sees her use of prayer in her readings as a way of establishing an “intention” for a
person and to get to the root of what the person is feeling.

“These things can be difficult, but they can also help heal,” she said about what can be
revealed in one of her private sessions. “But it doesn’t have to be harsh.”
Words that tend to ring true for clients come through in the automatic writing she uses in
private sessions.

Even she was shocked to find the true meaning of something that came out in a session,
when she was led to the mother of a little girl that died in a flash flood the day after she
gave her a reading. She then understood the messages that came through the day

As Barbara was driving to Target, she kept hearing, “Tell my mother thank you for playing
her favorite song at my funeral.” The little girl’s mother who’d had a private session the
day before was in the store when Barbara arrived. She told Barbara she knew who Jim
was, the man’s name Barbara had mentioned in her session. Jim was the man who tried to
save her daughter’s life. Friedkin had been led to the little girl’s mother to clarify issues
raised in the session. She also told the mother how happy her daughter was about her
favorite song being played at her funeral. “Thank God for the gift of being specific,”
Friedkin said.

She knew she had found a home in Cave Creek when she walked into a now-defunct rock
shop while on vacation only to have a scruffy man, dressed like an 1800s miner, tell her
she belonged here. The man was persistent that she was the “Mystic of Cave Creek.”
When Barbara asked the rock shop clerk who the man was, the clerk said there hadn’t
been a man in the shop.

To learn more about Barbara Friedkin and her psychic abilities make a visit to her website
Barbara Friedkin
photo by curtis riggs
                 NEW RELEASE!!!

Barbara Friedkin, the Mystic of Cave Creek, is featured                                
in Sherry Ward's book, "SEEKERS OF THE SOUL":

As a reporter and feature writer Sherry Ward covered stories that
ranged from bookies and diabetes to handwriting analysis and
healers.She entered corporate America as a marketing director.
Wardeventually established her own business, which she later sold
to a national franchise. She has degrees in Communications and
English from the University of Michigan.  

When doctors discovered a mass in Sherry Ward’s kidney, they
could not say whether it was malignant. Apprehensive about radical
surgery and concerned by their uncertainty, she turned elsewhere. Armed with information
from five
psychics, she went against the medical odds. When the psychics proved correct,
Ward’s interest in
psychic work intensified.

Seekers of the Soul is the result of Ward’s inquisitive journey into the world of psychics, visionaries,
and intuitives who gain information using more than the traditional senses. Here Ward presents
detailed profiles of seven individuals with exceptional abilities to sense and translate what to others
is “not there.”

After interviewing numerous psychics, Ward chose the most principled, unique and
skillful among them for "Seekers of the Soul".
 Each person profiled uses his or her gifts
to provide seekers with spiritual insight, emotional wisdom, or perhaps a connection to a
loved-one who has crossed over. Although each psychic or intuitive divines his or her
information differently, their clients benefit from the guidance, finding information relevant to
their lives.

For all who are intrigued by the extra-sensory realm and want to know how to take your soul
to its highest potential, you’ll find Ward’s research and engaging profiles replete with insight
and meaning.

Book available on Amazon.com and iUniverse.com.
She drove up in a Subaru. Four-point stars sprinkled around like peace and
love as she parked along the narrow street of my neighborhood. Stepping
out of the car, five feet, three inches stood atop open-toed slides in a black
flowing tunic and billowing pants set. Blonde hair cascaded around her
cheeks that were rounded and raised by her smile.

‘This is the Mystic of Cave Creek,’ I thought.

It was the typical event when mom came to town, to meet with a psychic. As
we wandered shops in Frontier Town, we noticed the psychic’s teepee was
vacant. I dialed the number and left a message. Further along, we stopped
in to admire turquoise jewelry. We struck a conversation with the shop
owner. When we told her of our quest for a reading, she enlightened us.

“Don’t waste your time with the teepee teller,” she advised. “She isn’t even a
native american, and, her daughter-in-law does most of her readings out
here. Imagine, even if she were psychic, that her son would marry a woman
with psychic talent, too. Not likely.” Then she reached out with a card in her
hand “Call the Mystic of Cave Creek. She is a medium who channels
messages from people close to you who are dead.”