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                        The roses from the black silk star-case
                  Crest’s the buddha stance
                  She creates the new vibration
                  With the Jewish- Indian dance
                  Her white light vision follows
                  Through clear obelisk trance
                  The mystic that is Jesus
                  Persuaded her not by chance
                  Barbara the long term voyager
                  The viewer at once glance

                                                  — Bob Savor, Aug. 18, 2005
"The strangest thing happened yesterday Saturday March 8th.  I went to the local library to
drop off some books.  After dropping off my books, I passed the meeting rooms on my way
back to the car.  I noticed a news article taped to the door:  It read "Barbara Friedkin,
Psychic".  She was giving a lecture at 2PM.  Well, it was 2:05PM.  So I thought, why not go in
and listen.  Couldn't hurt.

Anyway, I snuck into a crowded room and leaned against a wall.  Barbara didn't look at me,
but asked if  “The Name Game”, (banana fana fo fanna Anna) was someone's favorite songs
from the 60's.  I raised my hand.  I sing it to the kids all the time.  She then focused on me
and said, “You went out every Saturday night and danced your heart out?  Like at 7PM you
were out the door?”  {She scribbles on a sheet of paper as she asks the questions.} She
told me I was Italian from Long Island New York. Yes!

She then said, “You're father is here.”  Oh, gees.  That's great I said sarcastically.  She then
said, “He has a J initial in his name.”  Yes John.  She asked if he owned a restaurant.  Well
yes a nightclub.  There were comedians or singers who hung out there? She said he had a
little bit of the mobster in him. “I see the movie “Good Fellas” the scene in the club with the
comedians and the singers. She asked if there was a well known Jewish comedian and there
was one who hung out there a lot.  She mentions that when she grew up in Chicago how her
family was friends with Shecky Green and other comedians and was trying to cue in on the
one with my dad.

She went on, “Did your Dad live in Florida?  And I am seeing that he died in Florida. Yes. I see
that he was not with your mother in life.  Yes they were divorced and she told me he’s not
with her now.”  “NOOOOO”, I replied, “but when I die before I go to heaven, I am going to
find them to give them a good talking to about what they left me with.”  

She was still trying to get who the comic was; she kept saying I am seeing the comic with a
male singer. And then she told me to just tell her the name of the comic.

The comedian was Buddy Hackett. She laughed and said that he was her Dad’s favorite comic
and when they were 11 her family took her and her cousin to see Buddy Hackett and the
singer/actor Eddie Fisher. They got the free tickets from Shecky. It was an adult only show
and she remembered how the audience was surprised to see two little girls there and that
they “GOT” the jokes.

She goes on to say, “Your father wasn’t funny, though.”  And I told her, “oh no he was not!”
She told me that he knows how he was in life, but it was the only way that he knew to live
and that is the way he was raised.  He is different now and understands his errors.  He said
he would like to apologize to you and your brother.  He feels that he pushed him around the
most.  Then I said that it’s always about my brother.  And everyone laughed.

After more messages for some people about San Antonio, Texas, she starts to end her
session but notices something else she had written down and asked if anyone was
connected with Geronimo?  She describes kids jumping off a rope into a lake or river and they
are yelling Geronimo!  I raised my hand but another woman also responded and said her dad
ran the Boy Scout camp at Camp Geronimo here in Arizona.  Barbara gave her messages she
recognized as being from her Dad and when she finished, Barbara asked me “How do you
have Geronimo?”

I told her I was supposed to meet my cousin’s wife today who was in town for a meeting.  
Her family by the way was from San Antonio, Texas and she now is Camp Director for the very
same Camp Geronimo.”  The whole audience gasped.

My Dad and I weren't very close, but she said numerous things that really were about him
and his life.  It was fun and she hit the nail on the head."

                                                   — Barbara Monroe, Cave Creek, AZ

"I met Barbara one Saturday while shopping with my mother and one of my sisters in Cave
Creek.  Barbara and I engaged in conversation when she identified herself as “The “Mystic of
Cave Creek.”  Speaking with a “mystic” aroused my interest.  I wasn’t sure the difference
between a “mystic” and a “psychic reader” as I have had angel readings occasionally in the
past.  I took one of Barbara’s business cards and continued to shop.  Later, I heard Barbara
comment that a baby would cry if she would leave his sight.  The small baby was in a hand-
held carrier and set aside as the child’s parent shopped.  I watched as Barbara entertained
this small baby as I continued to shop.  Barbara said that she had to leave.  As Barbara was
leaving, the baby turned his head and clearly said “thank you.”  I questioned what we had
just witnessed as this baby was at an age too young to speak and after perplexing thought,
I scheduled an appointment with Barbara.  In my mind, I had witnessed something that was
not explainable and I became curious about Barbara’s abilities as a mystic.

Over the years, I have been more in tune and open to accepting the unexplained.  My
openness has been broadened since with working full-time in the hospice field.  Over the
years, I have had several angel card readings but forgo taro card readings as they tend to
spook me.  Before scheduling an appointment with Barbara, I went online to check Barbara’s
website and to investigate the difference between “mystics” and “psychic readers”.  I then
scheduled an appointment.

As Barbara told me, she uses prayer to establish connections for her readings.  Before
beginning her reading, Barbara and her client pray.  Barbara uses no more then a note pad
and a pen.  As messages come to her, she doodles these thoughts onto her pad of paper.
This is how she provides her readings for her clients.  Her doodles seemed were quite
intriguing; mostly large round-about scribbles and little formal sentence structure.  Barbara is
in tune and accurate in her thoughts.  Barbara came up with the most amazing revelations of
my life.  She was able to provide exact names of my family members and extended relatives.
She was able to speak of my grandfather who died early on in his life.  Nobody in our family
had known much about him because he had passed when my father was in his teenage
years.  My relatives, both dead and alive, came through for my reading.  I was surrounded by
my family from both my mother and father’s side.  This included family pets.

The most surprising part of my reading was when Barbara asked me about a “special dog.”
She then elaborated about this dog saving a family member.  I had to think about this.  The
dog that Barbara referred to was not special in disposition or in personality, but she was truly
special.  Sebastian gave her life by saving Mother from a rattlesnake bite some years ago.
That was truly amazing.  Barbara was exactly correct and I am thankful for Barbara in
reminding me of our special dog, Sebastian.

I am truly amazed.  My reading was more specific then what I could have thought possible.  
Barbara’s clarity is truly amazing.  I would love to sit with Barbara again to connect with my
life.  She is insightful in conveying your life; past, present and future.  She can reconnect you
with your love ones, and is equally talented in identifying difficult confrontations and personal
unresolved issues.

Barbara audio tapes her sessions so that her clients can re-listen to their readings.  Sessions
go quickly; without pauses, delays or distractions.  I was amazed with the amount of
information emerged and flowed in what seemed to be a short amount of time.  Her
information was accurate, clear and direct.  The “Mystic of Cave Creek” is intriguing.  I was
certainly impressed by Barbara’s abilities and look forward with visiting her again."     

                                                  — P. Hoover , Phoenix , AZ
"While visiting friends in Cave Creek, AZ recently, I had the pleasure of receiving a reading
from Barbara. The family I was visiting recommended her as a true medium, and believe me,
she is. She immediately began describing those who had crossed over and gave me
messages from them about things going on in my life that she had no way of knowing about.
She said they were applauding me because I had just accomplished two big things in my life.
This was true. I have just sold my business and retired and got my adopted son through high
school and in college. I was fascinated at her accuracy. . I believe she truly has the gift of
communicating with the other side. I feel truly blessed to have been able to spend time with

                                                 — Betty E., Nashville, TN
"The day I had my very first reading with The Mystic of Cave Creek, was the first day I ever
met Barbara. Not knowing what to expect from this reading I was amazed when Barbara was
able to know so much about me and my family and friends. Her visit gave me comfort and

I was leaving the next morning for California, to attend a funeral as a friend of mine had died.
What Barbara was able to tell me when my friend clearly came through in the reading, really
help me as well as his family when I was able to share the same news with them.

Her reading went way beyond that.. The detail that she was able to give me was not just for
that day, but some of the things happen up to a week later. In fact I did not know the
answers to some of the things she said until I went to the funeral.

That day I felt really good about my reading, and I will turn to her again when I felt I needed
to. I highly recommend her services to anyone who has questions regarding anything!

The Mystic of Cave Creek entered my world as a stranger, but left the reading a friend.
Peace, understanding ,and being able to let go of the stress related to death and a funeral is
priceless. That day Barbara, gave me peace of mind and that is a very good thing!

Thank you so very much Barbara for sharing your gift and helping not only me but everyone
you touch!"

                                                   —Jamella Frieling ~ Transformational Life Coach

"I went for a reading with Barbara on February 9, 2008, doggedly open-minded regarding her
being the real deal or a fake. That question was answered within moments as she asked me
what was up with the junior Jew. “Jews don’t name their kids juniors,” she informed me.
“True,” I replied, “except for my father.” And with that, a feeling of serene calm enveloped me.
My dad was there. Barb went on to ask if I had any comedians in my family. Well, yes. My dad
was known and beloved for his sense of humor, but I also had a professional comedian in my
family tree. Barb thought she had both of them there.

My dad was making her laugh as he “schmoozed” with her, but she wanted to know a bit
more about the professional in the family. I explained that he was nationally known, but
barely, being more of a Catskills comedian. “Is it Myron Cohen?” she exclaimed! Amazingly, it

Turns out, Barb knew Myron Cohen so well, she called him Uncle Myron. Further discoveries
revealed that Barb’s father and my father shared the middle name Myron, as well as a love for
Buddy Hackett as their favorite comedian. Seems like it’s a small world, on both sides of

For the rest of the reading, Barb named names, offered details, and captured my father’s
personality so accurately, I truly felt his presence. I laughed and cried. And most of all, I
remain so grateful for this great gift Barbara has given me… the knowledge that love and
laughter, and even life, never ends…"

                                                   — Carol L., Carefree