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"Last year, I had a reading with a medium named Barbara, who goes by the title "The Mystic
of Cave Creek."  The friend I was visiting told me about a group reading that Barbara gave
her and her friends, and unlike every other psychic she had seen, Barbara was able to get
very specific names, dates, and events.  I was intrigued and gave Barbara a call.  Little did I
know, that meeting on Friday morning in Arizona would change my life dramatically.

Without ever having met me, Barb was able to tell me about specific people and events in
my life.  After gaining credibility with me, she told me about some impressions she was
having about where she saw me living in the future and specific information about my career
path.  I listened to her, and investigated some of the options she suggested.  I made the
move and have never felt happier or more at peace.  My career is soaring and I feel
incredibly blessed.  I believe that God put Barb in my life at the exact moment I needed her.  
She's been an angel for me.  And she's never been wrong!"

                                                           — Rebecca I., Eugene, Oregon

"I want to share my experience with the world, as I talk about you often and enjoy telling
my family and friends of the experiences. I have been blessed to have 2 readings with you
and hope to have many more. I could go on and on about what you said in the reading, like
when you connected with my grandmother Florence, and that she mentioned the time I fell
while I was skating, it was uncanny! Instead, I will tell you that you are gifted, refreshing,
educational, and most of all real. I am so tired of paying premium prices for  vague, way out
there readings. You are worth every dollar, and I hope all of the people you have touched
are spreading the word, I know I am. If you’re looking for an upbeat, refreshing, knock-your-
socks-off reading you’ve come to the right place. You go girl!  Barbara for President!!
Your #1 Fan,

                                           — Annette W., Cave Creek , AZ

“I first attended one of Barbara’s group sessions and was so amazed at the information she
was able to communicate about my brother’s death. Barbara knew that he could not walk,
that he was confined to a wheelchair and that he was sitting in his wheelchair when he
passed.  I then had a private session with Barbara and again, without any previous
knowledge of our background, she was able to guide me in solving a huge problem related
to my brother’s death.  Barbara has a true gift.  From my experience, I found Barbara to be
a very caring person.”

                                           — Sheila P, Albuquerque, NM

"Barbara helped me in accepting the loss of my beloved doggie by connecting me with my
Dad who had transitioned some years ago and assuring me that my doggie was with my
Dad, who helped him transition, as well as our other family dogs that had transitioned
earlier (I knew this to be true because of the descriptions Barbara gave of all the dogs).

During the reading, I was given a confirmation that this was the real deal, because of
something I said to my husband a few days earlier when our dog had passed, that only we
would have known about.  During the reading, Barbara said, 'What does 50 mean?  They
are saying 50 . . . 50 . . . is someone turning 50...I see a big 5 - 0 ????'  I couldn't believe it,
and had to laugh because I had said to my husband, 'I guess this all won't matter anyway
(the heartache of losing a beloved companion) in 50 years, we will all be gone!'  Although
this was just one instance in the reading I am relaying, there were many more that
confirmed that the separation of loved ones is just a temporary situation.

Barbara is a beautifully gifted medium, who uses prayer, meditation and humor to
personalize the experience for those who seek her special talents.

Thank you again and God Bless,"

                                           — Susie R., Cave Creek, AZ

“I am the 2006 Arizona State Mothers of Multiples President as well as the 2006 convention
chairwoman. Much to the excitement of all of our attendees we had psychic Barbara Friedkin
as our Saturday evening entertainment. Our group found Barbara to be very accurate in her
insights, amazing in her ability to connect with loved ones and extremely funny and
entertaining at the same time. She even closed with a song. Barbara Friedkin was a BIG hit
and we were so happy to have her bring all of her talents to our convention.”

                                          — Tracy Thompson, Peoria, AZ

“Out of all the regular programs we have had, yours are by far the very best attended. You
are doing a great and needed service.”
                                         — Kris Proskus, Director of Desert Foothills Library

“Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me and giving me some peace about the
passing of my daughter. Your kindness and generosity has shown me the kindness in
people. With all my heart I wish you and your family happiness. “

                                         — Shannon R, Cave Creek, AZ

“When someone gets a message to you from beyond the grave, it makes life lighter and
richer, more precious and yet somehow not so serious, not so heavy but somehow
lightened by the Grace of God and the movement of angel’s wings, taking loved ones to
another place from which they can and do return, to visit. To joke a bit, to send love and
advice, and perhaps, to remind us of promises once made.

I called Barbara about a week later (following a group session) and made an appointment
for a private session. ‘It takes a lot to surprise me,’ I said, ‘but you blew me away.’ And she

                                         — Excerpt from Seekers Of The Soul
                                             by author Sherry Ward          

“I found my experience with Barbara Friedkin to be quite amazing. Without any prior
knowledge of the individual, she is able to target people and issues in an extraordinary

                                        — Ronnie G, Scottsdale, AZ

"Thank you so much for a fantastic reading. Your insight and knowledge is amazing.  I have
been to a lot of 'readers', but without a doubt, you are the BEST I have ever experienced.  I
was feeling really down when I entered your home, but you soon had me laughing so much
that I quickly relaxed...I have NOT laughed, or had such an uplifting time in years!
Besides your spiritual gift as psychic...you have a gift of kindness and caring.

I failed to mention that while you mentioned the spirits coming through, I felt a very definite
sensation of someone putting their hand on my left shoulder.  I was so absorbed by what
you were telling me that I forgot to tell you.

I am taking all your suggestions to heart, and will begin to journal joyful events...ETC.
I look forward to visiting you again next year, when we return to Phoenix from Ohio.
After rereading your bio, I would have had a ton of questions for you....you need to write a

I have already handed out a card....
Thank you so much again, for everything...."

                                                         —  Janet Moy-LaMonica, Phoenix, AZ

"Hi Barb:
Wanted to tell you about the "Frank" you picked up on in my reading and I didn't know who
it was?  Well, I thought about it for a while and my Dad's favorite uncle was "Uncle Frank"
who passed in 1962 and he indeed had a leg (limp) injury from a farm accident......Thanks
for the reading....it was very moving and it was very confirming for me to know that truly my
Dad is OK and was indeed coming through.  Thanks so much, Barbara....you indeed have a
sacred gift."

                                        —  Cathy B., Phoenix, AZ
"I have been seeing Barbara for well over five years and she is truly a gifted medium who
has brought numerous gifts to my life from the “other side”. One reading in particular I was
with my mother and a “father” presence was coming through and we were at a loss of who
Father P was, and then at the same time we connected that our Family Priest, Father
Paluse, and a Father like figure to my dad. He was coming through, only he wasn’t yet
deceased, but was in fact sick. Barbara told us that he wanted my dad to call him because
he was about ready to cross soon and wanted to talk to my dad one last time. My dad is
very skeptical but complied and called our family friend and within 48 hours he passed.

If a Catholic Priest reached out to Barbara, I didn’t need much more proof that life is in fact
endless and that we do have guides from the other side. How many people wish they could
have said goodbye to someone and missed the opportunity? Barbara was able to give my
entire family an amazing gift with her uncanny and accurate gift.

Most recently I purchased a brand new luxury car and was having numerous problems with
it, to the point it was causing me stress, fear for my safety and much frustration. It was the
last thing I wanted to discuss during my reading. I did not mention anything to her about it,
but my Godmother Ann who had just crossed came through by name to Barbara and was
adamant that I get rid of that car and quickly. It was also mentioned that the car company
wasn’t having problems with the car in Germany though. Much to my surprise, and upon
further investigation, my Godmother Ann/Barbara was right and the car company is giving
me all of my money back!

An hour with Barbara is like a cosmic hug from all those who have passed in my life and
there’s an indescribable sense of calmness and an undeniable knowledge that there is life
after death. Any fear I originally had of having a reading was replaced with a better
understanding of the Universe and ultimately me."

                                               — M. Lokosky-Scottsdale, AZ